silent dreams

by the smallest one

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released November 17, 2016

written, recorded, performed by mason mcconnell.

mastered by Radio Ready PR.



all rights reserved


the smallest one Calgary, Alberta

my name is mason & i like to write songs about things.

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Track Name: i'll keep you in my heart
thought about you
on the drive home
from another
failed attempt at love.

my mind goes to you
every time i stop
to look into the sky,
at all the stars.

is it that you’re out of reach?
i’ll never know until we meet.

so for now,
i’ll keep you in my heart.
Track Name: new year
all the lights,
they dissolve
into the sky.
i wish they’d just
stick around
for the night.

still, i wander
into the dark,
fingers crossed
that i find
some sort of spark.

but the fireworks
have gone away,
& left no afterglow.
my legs give up,
& i collapse into the snow.

it’s a new year,
but it feels
like before.
lock my resolutions
inside the drawer.

open it in May
to see that piece
of paper all alone –
ink as black
as the night
i took it home.
Track Name: same pace
all these
walking people –
some fast,
some slow.
many, i pass
more pass me,

but i await
the day
when fate
places my legs
at the same
precise pace
as one
who encapsulates
Track Name: the winter months
it’s t-shirt weather
in late-december.
but i’m in my coat,
for when it gets worse.

it finally snows.
everyone goes
away into
their cozy homes.

but i keep walking,
with no place in mind,
patiently waiting
for the summertime
to come.

it’s nine at night
& it’s still bright.
i wait for a call
to take me outside.

i sit in my chair,
& blankly stare -
but all i see
is warm, dead air.

so i shut my eyes,
& make my
into that clear, colourful dream-world,
that i so often lose
myself to.

well, i’ve got nothing
against the winter months,
‘cause in the summer,
i feel just as much
Track Name: empty park bench
i know they say
to get yourself right
before you venture out
into the wild.
& i’ve subscribed
to this very concept,
with the intention
of a happier life.

but it’s hard
when every new year,
your well-being
lowers exponentially.
& now i sit
on this old empty park bench,
wondering where
the love of mine could be.

so i wait, & wait,
for someone to take a seat
in this cold spot
next to me.
but my watch
keeps on spinning.
Track Name: one & only
he checked his watch
with a sigh.
he rolled his sleeve up –
that’s when we looked
into each other’s eyes
for the last time.

his warm hands packed me away,
& you as well.
as he got up,
from his pocket, you fell.
& i cried out for help,

but no one seemed to hear.

to him,
you were just another glove.
but to me,
you were my one and only love.
Track Name: come alive
marley was taken
from his mother,
long ago.
he was skinny
& his eyes were still closed.

his eyes were closed.

marley spends most of his days
looking outside.
the rest you’ll find him whispering
to his best friend,
“please just come alive.

“just come alive,
& come awake.
open your eyes,
so then, we can play.

“just come alive,
& stay awake.
we’ll go outside.
everything will be okay.”
Track Name: up all night
this is the day
you tell me how you're feeling.
but these ears don’t want to hear
a single song your lips
have to sing.

a coffee shop, you say.
you don’t even like the taste.
in my bed, i lay all day,
dreaming up a way
to escape.

this is the night –
the first one i spend alone.
the weather in my head doesn’t clear,
so i stay up all night staring
at the phone.
Track Name: in my mind
i traveled into the future,
to admire the life we will share.
the further i looked ahead,
the less i found you there.

so i made my way to the past,
to find out where we got off track.
but all i seemed to see,
was you lying next to me.
yeah, you were smiling at me.
&, as always,
your face looked so sweet.

then i awoke here in the present,
& threw my head to the side.
the more effort i put into searching,
the harder you were to find.
yeah, you were so hard to find,
‘cause you were made up
in my mind.
yeah, you were made up in my mind.
oh, i drew you up in my mind.
yeah, you were a part of my mind.

so, in this conversation
in my head, with you, the last time,
you say, “the more time you spend dreaming,
the less you’ll spend being alive.
oh, if you spend all your time dreaming,
you may never open your eyes.”